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UNITED COATINGS, with over 85 years of manufacturing experience, offers a full line of premium quality protective coatings for a wide range of Architectural, Industrial, Roofing, and Do-It-Yourself applications. Our product line includes systems for interior & exterior walls, pedestrian & vehicular traffic decks, potable water storage, waste/water treatment, secondary containment, interior & exterior pipe lining, and new or existing roofs. Here you will find a great selection of "GREEN" building materials for use in roofing and waterproofing.



High-build polyurethane elastomers provide corrosion and abrasion protection in water and chemical environments. High tensile strength and elongation characteristics allow protection from a wide variety of abrasion conditions. Fast-cure, highly cross-linked properties result in extremely durable membranes with minimal downtime required for application.


ELASTUFF is used over a wide variety of vertical and horizontal primed concrete, steel, iron, wood, fiberglass and polyurethane foam surfaces. Typical applications include all types of abrasion conditions, as well as interior tank lining, waste/water treatment and containment, sewer manholes, flumes, reservoirs, cooling tower basins, valves, interior pipe and other areas subjected to dry or aqueous chemical environments.

Rail Cars and Steel
Storage Tanks and Vessels
Waste, Water Treatment Tanks
Polyaspartic Systems
Polyurethane / Polyurea Hybrids
Roof Coatings
Bridge Deck Membrane
Primers, Cleaners and Repair Compounds

United Coatings 'We were GREEN before it was COOL'


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